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Creative event planners know that cooler weather brings the opportunity for some very creative outdoor events. From adult scavenger hunts to “whodunit” mysteries, the change of seasons can make for great outdoor fun, if you plan things right.

The main thing you have to consider in planning outdoor events during fall and winter is obviously the weather. But far too many planners neglect another fact of the season: the holidays. We’ll cover both in this post.

Taking Care Of The Weather

The ‘elephant in the room’ for outdoor events in the Pacific Northwest fall and winter is the weather. But while the area is known for cool rainy weather, it is rarely extreme. So, with a little planning, your guests won’t even notice the weather.

There are two main areas you need to consider with regard to the weather: safety and comfort. You need to ensure the event is safe for both guests and employees, from beginning to tear-down.

Safety First!Event lighting in a tree

It’s a fact: if people are outside in wet weather, the possibility of slippery, dangerous surfaces is there; and, with the shorter days of fall and winter, likely there are lighting needs specifically for safety.

Anti-Slip Pathway Technologies

You’ll also want to be sure that all electrical equipment is appropriately selected for the environment, and that all cabling is routed safely. No different than the care you take for any event, but with some specific considerations given the moisture.

Summary of National Electrical Code for Outdoor Wiring

Also, with more enclosed spaces, make sure things like exhaust from generators are kept far away from the event space.

Making Sure Everyone’s ComfortableOutdoor propane heater for an event

Even though temperatures usually remain mild in NW falls and winters, you’ll want to ensure your attendees are comfortable. Since most often the event venue will be covered, this is mainly about maintaining it draft-free and at a reasonable temperature.

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Considering The Holiday Season

It’s not just the weather you have to account for during this part of the year, it’s people’s time as well. Where your summer events had to compete with the family vacation, fall and winter events can run smack into the holidays. Read on to find out that’s not necessarily bad.

Getting On Their Schedule Early

Although it may seem obvious, getting the word out on your event early is Explore critical for fall and winter events—there are lots of demands on people’s time during the holidays.

Getting With The “Holiday Spirit”

If you’re in the non-profit sector, more than likely you already focus your events on the holidays. It’s the time of year when charities see the bulk of their donations.

Let Us Handle The Restrooms

The last thing you want to dampen spirits is a nasty bathroom experience for your guests. Outdoor events no longer have to settle for dark and smelly porta-potties that belong at a construction site.

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Our event restrooms feature lighting, heating and air conditioning, music, and luxurious finishes and fixtures. They come fully stocked and will be serviced by one of our expert technicians every day of your event.

We’re proud to be the only event restroom company who can support your event anywhere from the Canadian border to the California border. Serving you from locations in both Portland and Seattle, we have the largest fleet—and the only true ADA-compliant trailers—in the entire Northwest.

Make Your Event The Highlight Of The Season

Sure, there’s lots of competition for your guests’ time during this season. But they’ll certainly remember a wonderfully planned and executed event long after it’s over.

By taking care of a few extra details, your fall or winter event will be every bit as successful and anything held during the summer. Tell us about your fall or winter event in the comments.

And if you need a restroom for an outdoor event, give us a call!