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The bigger the event, the greater the chance for the big failure that no one wants. Over hundreds of events, we found that avoiding problems really comes down to emphasizing planning and communication. Events where the client’s wishes are clearly communicated to the event planner, where those are translated into concise and concrete plans, which are in turn reviewed multiple times by each vendor, are the most successful events.

Small Details Can Be Big HeadachesDetails matter in event planning

Rarely does one planning an event forget the invitations, forget to arrange the food, or make a misstep on the “big” stuff. But frankly, not paying attention to the details can make for big headaches and a failed event. Put the plans to paper, all the details, everyone’s thinking. Ask all the questions you need to, of the event planner and of the vendors. Leave nothing to chance.

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Communication Beginning To End

It seems so simple: you have to communicate among everyone all the way through. It rarely happens like that though andGantt chart surely every event professional has myriad horror stories to share. For certain things, force the communication by crafting a document shared by everyone involved–a master schedule, if you will.

Although it may seem like overkill, consider using a project management tool like a Gantt chart to clearly show the schedule and all dependencies.

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Delivery & Setup Coordination

The timing and staffing for deliveries is crucial. You have to consider everything from the size of the loading/delivery area to on-site staffing to meet vendors for things like restroom setup, dance floor assembly, erecting stages and lighting, etc. Also remember that certain vendors simply do not have lots of flexibility in timing; for example the delivery of food and other perishables like flowers.

Planning For Services

An all-too-often failure at events is overtaxing utilities like power or water. Face it, when the venue goes black because too much was demanded of the electricity supply, tempers will flare. Make sure you’ve double and triple-checked the electricity requirements, and added a good margin for safety.

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Food production, clean up, and restrooms will require a supply of clean water, and arrangements for removal or treatment of gray water.

A Safe & Secure Space For Everything

Don’t forget, you have to make allowance for the equipment prior to the event and afterward, before it is picked up. This includes keeping everything out of the weather and providing for overnight security on site. Be sure to work with the vendors to determine which of them require regular access to their supplies during the guard at work

Last but not least, pay careful attention to safety. Cover all cable and hose runs properly. Make sure that any electrical connections are suitable for their location.

A Clean Tear-Down

Just like with access to the site for setup, many venues have a narrow window of times when tear down is allowed. And during the high season, you can expect another event scheduled right on the heels of yours. Make sure access schedules are clearly posted and communicated to all vendors.

Good communication among everyone, beginning to end, is the best assurance of a successful event. We’d love to hear about your event experiences; share them with us in the comments.

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