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It’s kind of hard to consider fall events when it’s nearly 100 degrees outside, but you know they’re just around the corner. And all sorts of outdoor events in the Northwest’s beautiful, crisp fall weather are here for you to choose from.a farm to table dinner setting

In addition to getting you thinking about fall events, we want this post to reinforce how important it is to partner with great vendors—for every event!

Venues Your Guests Will ‘Fall’ For

There are so many outdoor event spaces in the Northwest, where do you even start? Like with any event, you have to start with capacity and service levels—those will help you cut your list down tremendously.

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Then you need to partner with a venue that is as committed as you are to hosting the perfect event. (A little further down we talk about making sure you have great vendors, and that place you’re having the event is one of the most important vendors!)

Making Sure The Logistics Are Up To The Task

Everyone’s seen it happen, and it’s the nightmare of professional event planners: a wonderful event marred by a logisticala checklist failure. It’s an event that attendees now remember by what went wrong instead of what they enjoyed.

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The reality is that there will be a problem or two: a large part of an event planner’s job is ensuring that there’s a backup to every mission-critical part of the event. Not having that in place is tempting fate indeed.

The Best Events Have The Best Vendors

Far too many event budgets don’t respect the age-old “chain theory” that the weakest link in a chain is where it will break. For events, meticulous planning with an incredible, memorable theme can be sunk in seconds if the food arrives late or cold, if the pentertainment is off-key, or guest facilities are disorganized and messy.

Like with the venue you choose, you need vendors committed to providing the service necessary to make your event perfect.

We’re Leaders In Event Restrooms Across The Northwest

One of the most critical services for outdoor events is providing guests clean, comfortable restrooms—and making sure they’re properly serviced for the duration of the event.

At Luxury Restroom Trailers, we’re proud to have the largest fleet and the largest service area in Oregon and Washington. But what makes us stand out is our commitment to great customer service. We’re the only restroom firm in the area that promises to service every restroom at every siteevery single day it is there. Add that to our coverage area and fleet size, and you have the Northwest’s premier provider of outdoor restrooms and support services. Give us a call today!