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Starting with our wedding six years ago, where we found available restroom rentals to be nothing short of nasty, our journey has made us the Northwest largest and best provider of luxury restroom trailers. And we stay there with a company-wide commitment to best-practices in everything we do.

We don’t just have Oregon and Washington’s largest fleet and biggest service area, we’re leaders in everything from sustainability and ‘green practices’ to employee certification, ADA compliance, licensing, and safeguarding your data.

The Northwest Is ‘Green’ And We’re Proud To Be A Leader In Our Industry

The environment is important to everyone in the Northwest, and we know that clients appreciate our focus and leadership on responsible and sustainable practices. From conservation features built into our custom-designed trailers, or the exclusive use of recycled paper products, Luxury Restroom Trailers leads the field.

We’re Actually Conserving Water

Did you know that the toilets in our luxury restroom trailers actually use less than one-fourth of the water of ordinary toilets? That’s right, each flush of our toilets is a paltry 0.33 gallons. In comparison, most toilets use 1.5 gallons per flush. According to industry figures:

…portable restrooms save 45 billion gallons of fresh water each year

Using Only Approved Chemicals And TechniquesPSAI logo

Vendors have a choice of the chemicals and techniques they use to service their restrooms; some older techniques use hazardous chemicals that can have adverse effects on the environment. At Luxury Restroom Trailers we only use practices and chemicals approved by the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI), the experts in our industry.

Safer chemicals and approved techniques cost more money; however, we decided long ago that our precious Northwest environment was worth it. Ask other vendors what their approach is.

And Inside, Recycled Products Onlyrecycling logo

We are environmentally conscious down to the smallest detail. All consumable paper products are made from recycled materials.

Making Your Event Accessible—We’ll Help

These days the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) requires events to be accessible to all. But many rental restroom companies haven’t caught up and do not offer truly ADA-compliant restrooms. That’s not the case with our ADA models.ADA symbol

Compliance is not just about access ramps: our fully ADA-compliant restroom trailers are the only ones in the Northwest. We’ve thought of every detail, even down to sufficient interior dimensions that allow wheelchair users to fully turn around—ask us to show you the difference.


Certification By The PSAI Industry Group

We’re members of PSAI, the association that sets guidelines and best-practices for the portable restroom industry. We have adopted every single one of their best-practices, and each of our employees is certified through their strigent training program.

LEARN MORE: PSAI standards and certification

Every License, Every Permit, Every Time

No businessperson likes paperwork; and there’s no doubt that licenses and permits can be a hassle—especially operating in multiple states. At Luxury Restroom Trailers, we proudly play by the rules; it’s not only the right way to do things, it also protects our clients from legal liability.

Before signing up a vendor, check to be sure they are licensed to work in your state, you can start with these links:

Oregon Sec’y of State Corporation Division link

Washington Corporation Division link

We Protect And Safeguard Your Data

the GDPR bannerRecently you’ve probably seen a number of websites you’ve visited previously asking you again for permission to collect cookies, to again opt-in to receive their news, or letting you know that they’ve updated their Privacy Policy. They did so because of a new law from Europe that took effect in late May, called GDPR (believe it or not, it does apply in the US), which sets stringent requirements on data privacy and protection.

LEARN MORE: official GDPR website

We’re an industry leader in everything we do, and protecting your personal data is no exception. We have just completed a project to update both our websites with a new Privacy Policy and tools. We will also notify each visitor of our cokkies policy once a year.

You’ll notice those changes at the top of both our sites:

And We’ll Probably Save You Money Too

Even though we’re a leader across this industry, our practices often save clients money in the long run.

Imagine: an incident with a vendor occurs at an event and you find out that they are not licensed. Sure there will be dissappointment around the fact that the event didn’t work out well; however, the bigger, more expensive issues may start when you find out your un-licensed vendor has saddled your firm with legal liability because they were not properly licensed or permitted.

If you ever have questions about a vendor, be sure to verify that they are licensed. When you choose Luxury Restroom Trailers, we are happy to show our credentials to you!

For your next event, insist on the Northwest’s leader in luxury restroom trailers! Click or call to get started today.