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It’s that time of year when holiday parties are on everyone’s calendar. For an event planner, it’s an opportunity to plan something epic—here’s how to make yours memorable.

When planning a holiday gala, it’s important to remember that not everyone celebrates the holidays in the same way. Carefully plan to ensure that your event is inclusive and considers all the attendees.

Here’s some good basic information: 5 Tips For Planning Your Holiday Party

Winter Themed Partiesa beautiful winter party

One way to be on the safe side is to theme the party based on the winter season. Heck, everyone loves snowmen and winter scenes. This stays away from guests’ religious affiliations and still gives you plenty of decorating leeway.

To help with your planning, here is a: Calendar of Holidays and Religious Observances

Choose the right decorations and your guests will feel transported out into a Winter Wonderland—without ever getting cold. The possibilities are endless.

Some ideas to help get you started: 10 Winter Party and Wedding Ideas and Themes

Christmas Parties

The obvious party theme for the season is Christmas. Many businesses and associations have a Christmas party, and they’re often one of the most popular events of the year.

But once you’ve been to a few, they almost seem the same. We challenge you to “break the mold” and do something epic and memorable.

These are very different approaches to the office Christmas party: 10 Fun Alternative Themes for Your Office Christmas Party

Will Kids Be Invited?

There’s nothing quite like the joy children have during the holiday season. And if your event will include little ones, it’s important to fully consider that in the planning. What ages will be present? That’s important because activities suitable from the real young ones will immediately bore older kids. In fact, if there will be a wide range of ages present, you’ll want to consider a couple of age-appropriate entertainment ‘tracks’, and divide them up.

Read: 25 Kids Christmas Party Ideas

Considering The Weather

Much as we might like, for winter events we cannot ignore the weather. Even if most of the event is indoors or otherwise sheltered, don’t forget to consider how guests will get from parking to the venue and back. This is especially important if the affair will involve formal or “dressed up” attire.

If the event is outdoors, make sure your planning considers the worst of weather. After all, if you’re prepared for it and nothing happens, that’s great. What you don’t want is guest memories of a cold, drafty party.

Making It Memorable

Every event professional wants each event they plan to be memorable. Most adults have been to their fair share of winter parties, so it’ll take some creative effort to be unique, just like with Christmas parties. Here’s a start: Winter Party Themes

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