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If you’re looking forward to a busy year of events in 2019 like we are, now’s a good time to review some of the best event planning resources out there. We tried to craft a list that contained a mix of blogs and professional associations for the broadest possible coverage of the industry.

Blogs Dedicated to Event Planning

We’d be the first to admit that many blogs in this industry end up being a bit self-serving. Even given that fact, they often have useful information that you might not be able to get elsewhere. We suggest setting them up in your favorite feed reader and scanning them when you have a moment.

The first two mentioned publish frequently enough that you’ll find interesting new content several times a day.

Eventbrite Blog

The folks at Eventbrite publish quite frequently and about a wider range of interesting topics for event professionals than any other source we are aware of.Details matter in event planning

Recent topics have run the gamut of event planning: The Ultimate Guide to Event Surveys: Inside Tips from SurveyMonkey, Checklist: How to Host the Ultimate Wine and Spirit Tasting Party, 7 Easy and Affordable Ways to Relax After Your Event, and The Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding Your Next Event.

The Eventbrite blog

BizBash News

In terms of frequency, these folks post even more content than Eventbrite, often several times a day and in many different formats (e.g. they have an excellent podcast series). Their blog tends to highlight events themselves, and places less emphasis the practice of event planning than Eventbrite.

BizBash News

Other Blogs to FollowEvent Manager Blog screen

Though not publishing as frequently, two more sites of note are Velvet Chainsaw and Event Manager Blog. The first is an Aurora, Ohio based consultancy firm; the second is a membership site that puts about ½ of its posts behind a paywall.

Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

Event Manager Blog

Professional AssociationsThe MPI Oregon logo

There are a variety of groups and associations of event planners, the “big dog” of which is MPI, Meeting Planners International ( In additional to being the national association for the industry, they offer significant opportunities for professional growth through trainings and certification.

The local chapter of MPI is especially active:

A smaller and more focused group is GOSGMP, the Greater Oregon Society of Government Meeting Professionals. Even though they’re smaller, they have many of the same training and professional growth opportunities that MPI does. Certification

Professionals Working With Professionals

As a firm that regularly works with event planning professionals, at Luxury Restroom Trailers we pride ourselves on being leaders in our industry, and holding our industry’s top training and certifications. Our technicians are professionals who have been certified by the PSAI (the Portable Sanitation Association International, and all state authorities.

Let us know how we can help with your next event!