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Aside from safety, little is more important at your construction site than great logistics. It’s really apparent when you don’t get that part right: you hear about it from everyone! Here are some tips raise your site logistics game.

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Let A Professional Handle It

Logistics aren’t that hard, right? One of your foremen could probably do the job; heck, get one of the project guys out of the trailer for a day. That’s the wrong approach, say the experts.

According to AEC Business, logisitics have a huge impact on the bottom line:

Effective logistical planning is imperative for any construction project as it can provide massive benefits in efficiency and productivity that significantly reduces the overall cost of the project.

Your best resource is a professional construction logisitics manager, an expert whose roles and responsibilities touch every aspect of the site. Construction Manager magazine reports that an industry working group has outlined a job description that shows the Logistics Manager involved with everything from planning, mobilization, and supply chain management, to safety, site communications, and security.

You need an expert with the bandwidth to handle each of these roles.

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Insist On Great Service From Every Vendor

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No matter what kind of magician your Logistics Manager is, you have to rely on quality support from the hundreds of vendors that support the site.

And it’s not just about getting the right materials to your site when you need them. If there’s a problem, how quickly does the vendor respond?

Are you sure each of your vendors is properly licensed and compliant with local law? Good vendors pride themselves on having a properly trained, certified, and licensed staff. Shoddy vendors who are not in compliance might cost you a great deal.

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Sometimes It’s The Little Things That Matter

Really the little things can add up. Is it easy and safe to access the site for deliveries? Does traffic departing the site block new deliveries?a happy construction worker

If you like keeping workers on-site through their breaks and lunch, give them some decent facilities to clean themselves up in. Sure, they’re used to getting their hands dirty, but no one wants to eat like that.

It’s likely the more you do for workers, the more they’ll do for you. If the site is particularly dirty, hot, or there are hazardous substances around, consider offering shower facilities on the site. Your employees will be happy, and you always get better work out of happy employees.

Putting It All Together

As we noted at the beginning of the post, it’s easy to notice when logistics aren’t working like they should: lots of folks are upset! The key, in our experience, is letting professionals handle it.jigsaw puzzle pieces

Hire a great Logistics Manager. Work to find vendors who combine a broad offering with exceptional customer service; you’ll never be sorry. Every time you’re tempted to cut corners; don’t.

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